Palmtree Derby at Old Soul Brewing May 4 2019

Palmtree Derby Vyd party


Start Making A Car

Rubber Chicken -v- Rubber Ducky

It was an amazing keyword challenge race way back when; but each of these cars has 4 disqualifying problems in 2019. Can you name them?

Rubber Chicken

1. Not a 2019 car
2. No Number
3. Jaggy plexi front-end
4. Over 7 inches

Rubber Ducky

1. Not a 2019 car
2. No Number
3. Imported front wheels
4. Over weight limit

pinewood derby racing

DRIVER'S OATH: "Run fast, be kind." - Dr Who

Will make things much easier / fun during the event. Your browser settings may block some form functionality! So, 2 versions of the PDF:
Auto function -or- Just an Image

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2-up Print / Save for cut/paste

Email to

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When Submitting/Saving, title file: DriverName_Car#.pdf
(ex: VydKeryx_6.pdf)

Thank You.

Registration Form

Palmtree Derby 2019 registration form
auto form

Palmtree Derby registration form - 2up
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Car # - 1-999

Title - name of car

Team - team name (if applicable)

Couple - check box racing for Keyword
Other # - Couple partner car #

BMWOC - Keyword option box
School , Degree, Year - wherever, whatever, whenever

Keywords - ideas for challenge races based on your car design

Odds of winning Speed Champion - 1-11

Derby Experience - scouts or palmtree?

Driver Name - your name and preferred contact info - email, facebook, text, web

Stats: bottom, right quarter empty space reserved for logging the night's results

# 1

2018 Speed Champion
Team Leo
2014 & 2016
Speed Champion

# 6

Palmtree Derby pacecar #6
Palmtree Derby Host
Team Vyd
Vyd - rated 6-8
Palmtree Derby 2019
official pacecar

# 56

Old Soul Brewing Host
Old Soul

# 111

Team Vyd
Banana Clanger

# 432

Team Vyd
Countdown To

pinewood derby racing


Palmtree Derby Rules & Race Format Enter Palmtree Derby
Palmtree Derby graphics for 2019
Palmtree Derby official Officials Palmtree Derby 2014-2018 Palmtree Derby videos on YouTube

Kits are available at Boy Scout HQ (just down the street from Old Soul Brewing)
or some art supply stores starting at $5.