Palmtree Derby at Old Soul Brewing May 4 2019


# Keyword Mini-Championships

Let's face it - only one person is going to be Speed Champion and most of us know it ain't us early in the night. SO...... Anyone can win a 1-off, make-it-up-yourself, hashtag, mini-championship! All cars that fit the keyword shall be invited to race for the title.

Keyword Mini-Championships

KEYWORD MINI-CHAMPIONSHIPS: find a shared design element or personal association and race for an instant title. Special 'Host Sponsored' (prize) keyword challenges will be announced.

Sign up for whatever KMC you and your car fit into. Win a keyword heat race and have the pleasure of crossing your challengers number off the Big Dry Erase Board.

TEAMS w THEMES - 3 or more drivers with a shared theme / costume. Race for TEAM CHAMPION before the track formally opens at 7pm. Counts as an official win towards finals. Team ranking will be helpful during the planning of challenge races. Teams can include couples. Keyword requirement for each team.

B.M/W.O.C. 2019 - Big Man/Woman On Campus school pride #$-KMC.
Don't ever say that degree is worthless again. Student loan status does not affect eligibility. Winner advances to finals.

BEST COUPLE 2019 - Head-to-head versus head-to-head racing. Race a pair of themed cars against each other & other pairs simultaneously in this SPONSORED KEYWORD MINI-CHAMPIONSHIP. Winners advance to finals.

Keyword - Couples

Due to a fantastic early response, registration may be limited. Please start making a car 1st.
In order to maintain our NO ENTRY FEE policy:
  'most likely to be entertaining' NOT 'first come' will populate the field of play.


PEOPLE'S CHOICE 2019 - Great Costume, Car & Chat.
You: dressed to the 9s, Your car: turned up to 11, Total package: a perfect 10.

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Kits are available at Boy Scout HQ (just down the street from Old Soul Brewing)
or some art supply stores starting at $5.