Palmtree Derby at Old Soul Brewing May 4 2019

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Prizes !!!

Start Making A Car

Palmtree Derby 2017 Speed Champion - Ted trophy winner
2017 Speed Champion recieves the Ted trophy
People's Choice 2016
People's Choice 2016


Win 3 challenge races anytime during regular racing and advance to Finals elimination bracket. Keyword mini-Championships will be used to help set bracketology rankings.

Winner recieves an original Ted trophy


Great Costume, Car & Chat
You: dressed to the 9s
Your car: turned up to 11
Total package: a perfect 10!

Cos-Play has added so much fun to Palmtree Derby racing. Match your car and costume into a theme.

2 'Host Sponsored' (prize) Keyword Mini-Challenges

B.M/W.O.C. 2019 - Big Man/Woman On Campus school pride #$KMC.
Don't ever say that degree is worthless again. Student loan status does not affect eligibility. Winner advances to finals. This keyword was chosen by your host Vyd - Florida State University 90 & 98.

BEST COUPLE 2019 - Head-to-head versus head-to-head racing. Race a pair of themed cars against each other & other pairs simultaneously. Winners advance to finals. This keyword includes our hosts from Old Soul Brewing.

pinewood derby


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